The festival of “Holi – the spirit of India”


Most of the time we celebrate a festival and try to recall the folklore to tell the origin of the festival. It is the festival of Spring. The harvest is over and the red flowers bloom in the trees to signal the end of winter and the onset of Spring. People may recall the story of Prahlad , Holika and so on.

In my view, all these may be incidental but the real thing to celebrate is the “Spirit of Holi”. I have never seen a festival which brings people of all religions, caste, creed and strata of society as one community to celebrate together.

It has become fashionable to use toxic chemicals as Holi colours and spray on one another. It is best celebrated with organic spices and may be sprinkling the same on one another may add to health and well being rather than the toxic colours used today, which could cause skin infections.

I have lived and grown in the north, south, east and west of India. I have never seen a festival, which is more cosmopolitan than Holi. It is a festival of colours. But, more than that it is a festival of togetherness. It’s a festival of families and friends congregating together. It’s a festival of sharing.

Instead of debating tolerance and intolerance, let us celebrate the “Spirit of Holi” in our daily lives. We can be proud of this tradition of celebrating together. India is rich in its diversity and culture. It is festivals like Holi, which binds us together as Indians.

Let us create the Holi spirit everyday in our lives by celebrating joy together. Let us continue to celebrate the “Spirit of Holi”, which in my view is the spirit of India.

S Ramesh Shankar

4 thoughts on “The festival of “Holi – the spirit of India”

  1. True.
    Festivals like Holi , Diwali … are meant for social get together, merry making and rejoicing and at the same time helping the have not and downtrodden in the society and make them feel they are part of our family transcending the man made barriers of caste creed and religion.

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  2. Awesome reading Sir. Wish you and your family a very colourful and joyous Holi.

    Truly, you very rightly mentioned : this is the festival of celebrating happiness and joy together with near and dear ones. And, what a wonderful medium is chosen for this celebration — ‘The Colour’ ! ….bringing colours and brightness in each other’s life.
    Here, I would like to share with you that in eastern part of India, very beautiful variety of colours – the organic colours – they use, which they usually prepare by drying the different kinds of flower petals and then make it a dust. It thereby gives harmless bright colours with sweet fragrance. They call it “Aabir” or “Phag”. It’s absolutely free from harmful chemicals.
    Moreover, I would also like to share the memory of ‘Vasant Utsav’ celebrated in Shantiniketan on the day of Holi. This festival was started by Tagore and it is celebrated with aabir, rabindrasangeet, dance drama, recitation etc… Hundreds people come iut on the road on this day and make a procession on with singing and dancing on …This continues through out the day.

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  3. Wonderful reading Sir. Though personally I have never played Holi in my life but yes it’s very exciting to see others play. I have a bitter memory of my life associated to Holi. I was of an age when I could just stareted understand what’s happing around. This incident took place on a Holi day when I was with my mother just watching people out side and unknowingly some people got hold of her. Badly holding her arms and taking control over her. Inspite of her refusal forcefully applying colours on her face, head and putting colors on her clothes. She was in tears and I was feeling helpless seeing her in that miserable condition. That left very strong impression on my mind and I could not change it even now. Keeping this incidence aside, yes its the spirit of togetherness and happiness which we all should celebrate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and waiting for more such reading. Happy writing!

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