Courage to say – ” I am sorry”

Courage to say “I am sorry”


I wonder many times as to why I hesitate to say ” I am sorry” even when I am sure I have done a mistake and hurt the other person. Yesterday, I met a colleague, who confessed the same dilemma to me.

I realised that you need to have the courage to say ” I am sorry”. May be it takes a lot of effort to bury our ego and realize our mistakes in life. But, it takes much more effort to go ahead and say ” I am sorry” even after we realize that we have made a mistake.

I think it is worth a try. Let us go ahead and say ” I am sorry” to someone we have hurt along the way at work or at home. It has to come from the bottom of our heart and not from our lips and it may work wonders. I am sure it will make our day.

Let us try today.


S Ramesh Shankar

6 thoughts on “Courage to say – ” I am sorry”

  1. Your choice of subjects to write about is simply remarkable. Yes indeed, its very difficult to say Sorry. Sometimes even when we do say it, we hesitate to look the person in the eye and then say it. Its often a cursory Sorry and getting done with it. I guess one must practise it and say it from the heart, without perceiving it as a blow to our pride and ego.

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  2. It’s more about honesty and if someone apologies, he or she does that from their heart. Though saying sorry seems simple, to admit ones mistake and say sorry needs a good deal of courage.

    Good leaders practise this and it’s truly inspiring

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