My Ephiphany for the new year

I have the habit of calling and wishing people on their birthdays when I come to know of them either through family, friends or through the social media. This month I called a dear friend to wish him on his birthday. We have known each other for more than three and a half decades. He was happy to receive my call and said he was waiting for it.

Then he shared an interesting insight. He asked why don’t we write obituaries for each other. When I told him that Obituaries are written and shared only on death of people, he said he was aware of that. But his suggestion was why speak about all the good qualities of someone after her or his death. Why not we write obituaries and share with them when they are alive.

I thought it was a great insight. It is true that we realise the goodness in others only when they are not around. It could be parents, siblings, friends or colleagues. How many of us take the time out to write and share about the good ness of others when they are alive ?

I not only thought it was a great idea but decided that I will implement it. I will start by writing about my friend who gave this idea. I told him that I will not call it an obituary. He responded stating he does not care what I call it as long as I am willing to appreciate the goodness and share with them when they are alive.

This friend of mine worked in the steel plant in the eighties and nineties. He is man with a golden heart. He will never say no to anything anytime. He has always been around to help people when they need him the most. He has taken care of his family and brought up his two wonderful daughters as value based human beings. He is not one of those who will call you often to formally enquire about your well being. But he will be the first to respond in a moment of distress for help. He finds ways and means to give back to society in ways only he can.

I felt good in writing this para and sharing with him. I would urge all my friends and readers to consider this idea. You may not call it an obituary but write about the good things of your parents, siblings, friends and relatives and share with them when they are around. They may just adore you for that. I loved the idea and hence I am sharing it with all of you.

Am grateful to Dilip in the photo above for giving me this new insight in life.

I would like to call it “Ephiphany” meaning insight, which I got from this interaction with my friend. You may call it the way you want to but try it. It is energising and does not cost you anything. On the other hand, you may be showered with love and blessings from all.

Why not make it your new year resolution for this year ? Please write the positive qualities of a friend or relative and share it with them. I am sure you will love the magic in your relationship after that share. Will wait for your feedback when you write back to me.

Lets try it from today.

S Ramesh Shankar

13th November 2021

2 thoughts on “My Ephiphany for the new year

  1. Thank you Ramesh for bringing out this topic. The person you described is in true sense an Unsung Hero.. there could be some more like this in our environment.. some still unknown.
    Ramesh I have known you as a leader who never had any virtual walls around and gave the equal warmth to anyone who would interact with you. Appreciate your simplicity and being the source of constant energy.

    Liked by 1 person

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