My second innings – “Era of gratitude”

I have been a big fan of cricket right from my childhood. I find a lot of similarities between the game of cricket and life. If my first innings was about my career, my second innings is about my giving back to society.

All of us aspire to achieve our career dreams and goals. We strive our best to get there. We may partly or wholly be successful but we try our best. We desire for all the material things in the world and fantasise to get them. We may again get all we dream of or at least most of them in our life.

If I call my first innings as the “Era of gratification”, I would say my second innings should be an ” Era of gratitude”. God has been kind to me. I have achieved almost all I dreamt of in my career. My family and friends have supported me to be happy in life most of the time. Now it is time for me to give back to society.

I have bought all the material things in life I have wished for. Today I hardly crave for something and regret that I do not have it in my life. So, it is time to give back. It is time to express my gratitude in actions and not only in words. I assume I can do it in many ways.

The first thing I plan to do is to write more and share my experiences of life and living. This may help the next generations to think and reflect. It may help the youngsters not to make the mistakes I did. It may help them take the right decisions.

All my net earnings from the sale of my books (Sights & Insights and Life and Living )will be donated to a charity, which works zealously in “eradicating preventable blindness amongst children”. This way I will share more, learn more and at the same time give a little back to society.

I am also starting an organisation by the name “Hrishti” ( Means joy in Sanskrit). I will use this organisation as a platform to coach and mentor. I will try to mentor and coach business and HR leaders and again use all my net earnings to promote the same cause.

I also plan to work with start ups and NGOs to share my experience and learnings so that they can learn from my insights at work and life. This may help new start ups and NGOs to scale up and succeed in their chosen fields. At least, they will not repeat the same mistakes I did in my career.

I also want to teach in business schools, engineering colleges and universities. This way I can share my learnings and also enable young students to be industry ready. The gap between industry and academics needs to be bridged and I think people like me have a role to play in it.

I can also be a consultant to organisations and share my experiences in areas of their need. I may be able to give back to society in more ways than one. It is upto me to explore all possible ways to do it. After all when I needed help or support, there were thousands of people amongst family, friends and organisations, who did that for me. Now it is my turn.

Lastly, I am blessed to have enough of what I need to live happily for the rest of myself and my family. Hence, I commit that everything I do will contribute to society’s larger good.

Time to start my second innings in life post my retirement is after 31st March 2019. You can follow me on http:\\ or connect with me at or post this date. My mobile number will also remain the same as of today. I will continue to post every Friday even in the future.

S. Ramesh Shankar

21 thoughts on “My second innings – “Era of gratitude”

    1. I’m sure this innings is something I look forward to.
      All the best Sir.
      You can look out for me among the spectator stands cheering for you! 😉

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  1. Best wishes to you as you embark on your second innings. Am sure you’ll continue to be successful in your new avatar too. Your clear focus and plans for giving back to society are impressive. Good luck:)

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  2. Professionals never retire. It is like the law of conservation of energy as if disappears in one form it reappears in another. Wish you all the best for a second innings.

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  3. good plan sir, please go ahead, your second inning will be more successful than first, lord almighty will full fill all the good wishes

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  4. Dear Sir all the very best for your future endeavours.. May success and good health always be by your side. I am sure all of us will miss your leadership and more so a very down to earth person like you

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  5. Hello Ramesh,
    Sir, this is Balaji. It was indeed a great opportunity to work under you. This come straight from my heart.
    We are a young startup called WhatzNxt. We are developing an IT product using AI.
    Would love to get coached by you on the product and vision as it is aimed to reach schools and colleges. I want to show you the product in two to three weeks.
    I would like to meet o u when you are in Bangalore for few minutes (I had requested you earlier too).
    Congratulations for establishing an NGO. Would love to volunteer and help you.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy life ahead.

    With deep gratitude,

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  6. Wishing you all the best for in your second innings .I am sure it will be more fulfilling than the first one considering the noble goals you have committed to.
    Your exposure to different situations and people yiu would be helping and supporting next could give new experiences to share for others to learn.

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  7. Every Saturday look forward for your blog. Few of my batch mates and friends are also recipient of your blog and enjoy reading them.
    Hope to to see more and more of such life time experiences in this section.

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  8. Keep learning and growing with gratitude Ramesh .
    I am sure happiness and harmony will be around you ! Best wishes for continued excellence!! 🙏🙏

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  9. Second innings is going to be as great as the first one, Ramesh! Am sure the optimist in you already knows that 😀😀😀
    Happy to help in your plans of giving back to society!!!!

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