The Walking Encyclopaedia

We had a teacher in college by name Professor PK Vishveshvaran, whom we called the “Walking Encyclopaedia”. Anyone of the students had a query on any issue, she would go to this teacher and he always had an answer. If he did not know the answer, he would neither guess nor fake an answer but accept that he did not know. Further, he would commit to find the answer and get back to the student. It was in the early eighties, where computers and the internet was non existent.

Most of us were in awe of this professor. He was a simple, down to earth and a knowledgable professor, who had no pretensions. He was accessible to everyone and always willing to help. I have not yet met a teacher in my life, who is so endearing. He used to keep a radio in his room and listen to music and news from around the world. His room consisted of open shelves and he used to meticulously maintain reference materials in a very haphazard manner, which only he could retrieve. But the best part was that he could retrieve any information within minutes from a maze of shelves, registers, books and papers.

I have learnt a lot from this teacher in my life. He is like a role model for me in many ways. The first learning is that he led a very simple life and was always willing to share his knowledge with others. Hence, one could learn that simple living and high thinking is easy to admire but difficult to imbibe. Further, the belief that the more you share your knowledge with others, the more you learn and grow in life is something I learnt from this wonderful human being.

The second learning I got from this Guru was that he never aspired for any recognition. He was an absent minded professor in letter and spirit. He used to dress very casually and mingled very well with students and everyone else. One would never get impressed with his dress or his looks. His hairstyle would be strewn all over. He never dressed to impress. On the contrary, you will wonder whether he could be a master of his subject by the way he presented himself. However, the moment you interact with him for a few minutes, you realise what a reservoir of knowledge he was.

The third learning I had from this lecturer was that he was a life long learner. I have seen him from my college days till he lived.,I have always seen him curious and enthusiastic. He had the memory of an elephant and the inquisitiveness of a child. He always had questions to ask and did not hesitate a second to say – ‘he did not know” ? I have always been humbled by his presence and humility.

Sometime back I came to know that he was admitted to a ICU after a slip . His nervous system had been impacted. As soon as this information spread, students from all over the world prayed for him and were generously contributing to support him to recover. The prayers were answered by God within 24 hours and he became conscious and did recover. I did realise that a wonderful human being like him should never suffer from any disease or injury. God was kind to listen to the prayers but he did not survive for long.

I also recall that he attended every alumni meeting of the college and remembered me and my wife from our college days. He would recall the name of the place where I first started my career thirty six years ago and reminded me of the post cards he used to write to us. He took the three books written by my wife and promised to read them and send his feedback and review again through a post card. I recall he said – I will send a snail mail as I am not yet used to emails.

Unfortunately, he died last year. What a great human being he was ? I pray to God to help us learn from his humility and be s better human being.

S Ramesh Shankar

10 thoughts on “The Walking Encyclopaedia

  1. Wonderful !! It is rare to find such teachers in life who have immense learning and are yet so humble. We can indeed learn so much from such people – both subject knowledge and life lessons.

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  2. Wonderful write up… I too had a great privilege of being his M.Phil student as a Teacher-Candidate from Bishop Heber College,Trichy during 1992 – 1993 through FIP-UGC Scheme. He made me to come first in my class obtaining distinction grade in Research Methodology, as he happen to be my Research Guide. He comes to the college early in the morning around 6.30am and stays till 6.00pm when he became the Principal of MSSW. He loved his Only daughter who was doing her studies in Good Shepherd. He talks about his daughter with pride and occasionally she visits MSSW at his room. May His soul rest in peace.

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  3. Amazing person. I remember him to be a kind person, very approachable and always ready to help his students. I have an incident etched in my mind when he retrieved a news paper article from his shelf which was published quite some time back when I approached him for guidance. He took not more then 20 seconds to retrieve it.

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  4. Thanks so much for bringing my father alive through this write up this morning. Thank you for all the kind comments. If you can mention his name somewhere that might help for people who do not know him at all.

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  5. Dear sir
    i really thank you for bringing up such a wonderful persona alive with your memoir.
    i also share a similar Teacher in my life, and we students were still in awe for his command over a subject, once he was assigned of task to convert a class of unsuccessfull students to make them pass 10th std, and well he converted the bunch of laggards to passouts with good percent of marks to able to secure admission in a good college. i think persons like these are spread all over world that make the dfference and help world at large to change in to a good place, these great people help other people to survive the hardships of life by always helping and inspiring more people to behave like him, truly we can say these super heros are our role models

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