Violence in society

Not a day passes today without a report of violence in some part of the world. Our newspapers, magazines and TV channels are brimming with headlines of violent incidents around the world. Why cannot we have peace around the world ? Why do we have rapists torturing innocent children ? Whey do we have school children wielding guns and killing innocent people ? Why do terrorists attack innocent citizens ?

Every violent incident is reported in newspaper headlines and debated on TV channes to give sadistic pleasure to some people. I am trying to understand the root cause of this behaviour in society. I cannot believe any religion in the world propagates or supports violence. I am not well read on religions of the world,not even of Hinduism to which I belong. But my limited knowledge teaches me that no religion teaches us to practise violence in any form.

After deep reflection, I have come to the conclusion that our family, education system and societal and political values are responsible for today’s tragic state of affairs. Let me try to delve on each of these three root causes and find answers of how each of us can contribute to change this situation for our future generations.

Let us first reflect on our family system. Family is the basic unit of society. Today the foundations of family as a social institution is threatened. This is true around the world. While we may justify our moving from joint families to nuclear families due to career aspirations or individual ambitions, this has led to breaking of family as an institution. The elders in the family played the role of mentor and guide for the younger members. Today we do not have mentors or guides within the family system. The inculcation of family values is fading in society.

If we move to schools, our education system is becoming more commercial than educational. The sole objective of most of the schools and colleges is to make money. They are less concerned about producing the future citizens of their country. Educational institutions have failed to maintain standards and inculcate values in their students. If at all students learn that earning money and that too at any cost is one of the prime objectives of individuals in society. Educational institutions need to partner with parents and society to inculcate the right values in the younger generations.

Political parties and social groups are perpetuating violence in some form or the other. While in power they do everything to suit their convenience at the cost of society. When out of power they obstruct the working of the government and support violence in every form so that government in power earns a bad name. This is further accentuated by the apathy of the citizens. We are willing to accept the violence and crime against innocent citizens by the rogues of society. These rogues do not have any religion or nationality. They are criminals and have no place in society. They continue to thrive because of political support from all shades of society. We cannot even call them animals as that would be an insult to animals. Animals are more faithful to humans than such unscrupulous elements in society.

While fire may symbolise violence in society, we need to find ways to put off the fire by our actions and use it only for prayers and peaceful purposes as in the photo above.

What can we do as citizens ? In my view, we can play the role of mentors to our children and younger members of our family to inculcate the right values. We can promote and support educational institution which produce great citizens for the future and boycott those which commercialise education. We can boycott politicians and political parities which supports rapists, murderers and corruption in public life. This can be done by our participating in every election and voting for honest citizen to be our representatives in legislatures and parliament. Every political party has honest members and we need to support and promote them.

It is time to wake up and take charge ? My 3 simple steps are just nascent ideas. What do you think ? What are your ideas ?

S Ramesh Shankar

9 thoughts on “Violence in society

  1. Absolutely agree Ramesh. Traditional Soctal security supports are getting weakend. Need to strengthen alternate solutions. It’s always a work in progress. No one should keep away..

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  2. You are absolutely correct
    Unless everybody takes it as a social responsibility we cannot curb violence
    Moreover parents and teachers need to inculcate moral vaues in the minds of young children so that future generation is able to live peacefully

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  3. Well Written sir. The solution needs to come from within by understanding the Value Systems. The big violence which we see everyday starts from small selfish motives of each and every individuals. We all need to learn to fight selfishness and start valuing social well being.

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  4. Nuclear family is here to stay. Commercialization of education is here to stay. ” Our interests first ” culture is here to stay. Look at role models around us. Do we see any ? The recent crimes against children were committed by “well educated”, “living in joint family” and planned with active connivance of state machinery. So Ramesh, its not so simple. and I have no clue as to what I change, what we change so that this stops. This horror will continue to repeat in some form or other everyday and I will further cocoon myself.

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      1. This is as massive proposition as changing the mindset of society Ramesh, which may never happen !! Is this pessimistic view, you bet. One likeminded friend suggested that moral values should be taught in school, as if these crimes even need “moral value education” to know what is right and wrong. I am teaching my very young daughter to be paranoid and prepared and possibly every women today needs to be paranoid and prepared. Desperate times, desperate measures !!

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