“I” versus  “U”


I have to take responsibility and give credit to U.  I have to lead by example and be a role model for U. I have always wondered where does I begin and U end.  In life, we tend to be centred around I and forget the U in most of our actions.  It is important to realize where to control the I and encourage the U and the We.

If we start in the family,  as parents, we tend to dominate our children.  The I in us dominates their life.  I tend to believe that I know what is good for my kids all the time.  It only changes when the kid turns an adolescent and then becomes a rebel.  The I in me gives way to the U.

At the work place, the scene is not much different.  As an individual, we work hard and excel and are a great team player.  But as we become a team leader, the I in us emerges and tries to dominate the U and We.  We forget how our leaders gave space and encouragement for us to excel.  This not only kills the enthuisiasm of our team members but also does not enable them to realize their full potential.

The social scenario is not very different.  Even as public figures emerge, they tend to be evolving as good leaders from the grass root level.  But the moment I starts dominating their ego, the U and We is subsumed.  This is the start of the downfall of the leader.

Thus, the earlier we realize the lessons of being humble and bury the I in our personality, the brighter are our chances of success.  This does not mean that I shirk my responsibilities in life by blaming U and we for all my failures.  As we learn in management, the responsibility has always to be with me but the credit is always to be given to the other person and the team.

It may be easier to write about than to practise.  It may be comfortable to advise others than to role model.  When your child is rebellious and you are told that you need to let go, it is not easy to digest that advise.  But as time passes and experience teaches you, one tends to realize and learn that I can be sacrificed for others.

May be it difficult to practise but worth a try.  What do you think ?

S Ramesh Shankar

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