The Past, Present & Future

It is said the past is history and the future is mystery.  We do not know what the present holds for us.  In the cycle of life, the future becomes present even before we realise it and the past whizzes behind us and becomes the present.  If we look at ourselves and reflect on our own life we realise that the past, present and future is a journey.

We look at the past and rejoice on the perfect moments and look at the future with hope and anticipation.  The present is ephemeral.  We live it many a time without realising how it slips betweeen our hands.  The past can be recollected but the future cannot be predicted.  The present is journey to be lived to be realised.  Historians can comment on the past and the Futurolosist can anticipate the future but the present is reclusive of any predictions.

If we reflect in our own life, we realise that we cherish the past and anticipate the future.  Many a time we recall our childhood and re live the moments of happiness.  We plan for the future but realise it is unpredictable.  We live in the present many a time by celebrating the past or worrying about the future.  Why do we not celebrate the present as we pass through it every day ?

The future becomes the present even before we know it.  While we spend a lot of a time in looking back at the past and rejoicing it, we do not plan enough for the future.  This results in the future rushing into the present for us.  Ideally, we could enjoy the past but if we are able to anticipate and prepare for the future, the present becomes fun.

Lets look at our own past, present and future.  We share stories of our past with kids.  We share successes and enviable stories of accomplishments in academics, sports and cultural activities.  We tend to be oblivious of the future and many a time take it for granted till some challenge beseeches us.  Thus the present becomes insurmountable and we do not enjoy it.

It may be easy to celebrate the past but difficult to anticipate the future.  Some religious leaders tell us that the past and the future is fateful.  In my view, everything is in our hands.  If we live life, the way we want to and put in our best foot forward, the past evolves into the present and paves the way for the future.  Neither, the past is unpredictable nor the future is unimaginable.

My life mantra has to been to never regret the past nor worry about the future.  We need to learn to live in the present.  We cannot re write the past nor fully predict the future.  But the present is in our grip.  We tend to live the present by looking at the past or worrying about the future.  This drains our energy and thus we are not able to celebrate our every day life.

Like in the photo above, we need to live in the present and learn from the children around us.

Let us celebrate the past, live the present and plan for the future.

S Ramesh Shankar

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