I have always admired people, who can multi task.   The first person I can think of as a role model of people, who multitask are our mothers and more so a working mother.   Let us try to understand the multiple roles a mother plays in our life.  She is the care giver, the cook, the life coach, the counsellor, the housekeeper, the maid, the driver and the list is endless.  We do not realize the multiple roles and the complex tasks our mothers undertake every day in our lives.  And add to this a working mother.  She not only managers the home in all its facets but also deals with all the hues of the workplace.

We almost take it for granted how our mothers have contributed to our lives.  When sometimes at work, we are confronted with tasks beyond our defined roles, we find it difficult to cope with.  Some of us feel stressed and find it as an unnecessary burden.  On the other hand, our mothers after a hard day’s work do not wink an eye lid to cook our food or listen to our work miseries.  We take the liberty of venting out all our emotions to her, even without realising that she has her own stress and strain at home and work to deal with.

What can we learn from our mothers in our every day life ?  We can learn to multitask.  We can learn to sacrifice our own lives and comforts for the larger welfare of the family.  I have never seen a mother giving up.  She may be tired after a hard day at work and has to deal with the work of a maid, who decides to take leave that day.  Similarly, she plays the role of the mother and father whenever the father is out of town or not able to do so due to various reasons.  Very rarely you see the father playing the role of the mother.

Another interesting facet to learn from our mothers is their ability to learn new skills all by themselves.  Have you ever heard of a mother asking for a training programme to hone her skills.  She learns by herself.  Whether it is operating and maintaining a new washing machine at home or sewing a new sweater for her kid.  On the other hand, we feel that we cannot operate a new machine unless we are trained and certified to operate and maintain it.

If we look at the daily life of our mothers, we can realize that as human beings our potential is unlimited.  It is our attitude to learn, unlearn and re-learn, which can take us forward.  Another important attribute would be to willing go much beyond your defined role and be flexible to adapt and take risks.  

Can we learn this one attribute of “Multi-tasking” from our mothers from today ?  May be life would be brighter and more successful if we can.  After all, life gives us bountiful opportunities every day.  It is up to us to take it or leave it.

S Ramesh Shankar

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