Woman = Man

The eternal debate of whether “Woman = Man ” gains significance every year only when we celebrate the International Women’s day. In my view, it is not a question for debate. After all each of us is born to a woman and a woman has nurtured us to what we are today. If married, a woman partners you and makes you successful in life and living. So, there is no need to debate but to live life respecting women in your life and treating them with dignity as you would like to be treated by others every day.

I sometimes wonder as to why men do not know “how to respect women ?”in their lives – at work or in life. It has to be as basic as food, shelter or clothing in life. It is important to remember that both men and women contribute in their own ways to a meaningful life. If we recall from our childhood, all of us were born to a woman and were brought up by both the man(father) and the woman(mother) together. Our mothers nurtured us while our fathers cared for us. In my view, man and woman play a complementary role in life. It is a “Jugalbandi”. Imagine a world only with Adam or Eve. Both Adam and Eve are necessary to give meaning to life.

As we have grown up, our sisters have contributed to the way we have grown and matured in life and our women friends have helped us balance life. Then once married, it is spouses, who have been with us through the ups and downs of life. It is the maturing of this partnership, which makes us successful and happy in life.

At work, women balance the way we think and act. We are privileged that in India, women have proved their capabilities in all walks of life. We can be proud of our democracy, which has produced a President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speakers, Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers and many other prominent luminaries, who have excelled in their roles. We have women in the defence forces, sports, academia and professional world in almost all walks of life in society.

As in the photo above, my wife Meena and me studied from the same college. We have pursued our professions of choice and tried to excel in whatever we wanted to do in life. I owe my success in life to her in many ways.

So, one may ask – “Why celebrate Women’s day ? “. It is not to remember women only on this day but to remind the less literate amongst us that if we do not treat them with respect and dignity, we are less fortunate – not them.
So, happy women’s day. My gratitude and respects to all women in my life – at work and in life.

S Ramesh Shankar

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