Dear friend,

In this column, I will reflect on my thoughts, beliefs and values.  I will like to share my experience, learnings, failures and successes.

I will write my views on life and living. The views expressed are personal and I do not represent anyone or any organisation in this blog of mine.

I will be happy to learn from your comments and reactions.

Let us learn together,


S Ramesh Shankar

6 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Great sir, it is always good to see you doing something significant! All the best and looking forward to have more glimpses of your thoughts!

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  2. Attitude is the most important attribute of every human and even of animals but difficult to gauge . It may not be difficult to understand the attitude of various animals but difficult to understand of human beings , being the most developed animal . The biggest challenge faced by any organization is the attitude of its work force . There are large number of Attributes which contributes to the success of a person and undertaking their self analysis makes the biggest impact in it . These attributes can be divided into two categories – positive and negative . It is only the positivity of attributes which contributes maximum in building human personality as they grow old .
    There should be no doubt that understanding self by carrying out analysis on regular basis , as to who am I , makes the biggest impact in their success . The power of decision making in difficult times under pressure and the habits formed determine the level of success . Out of the large number of traits that have been given above , three may be considered as essential for obtaining lasting success in any endeavor.
    1. Ability , the basic grey matter transferred genetically by birth
    2. Knowledge picked up through the learning process as a student during life
    3. Team Spirit , the most important trait contributing in every activity as a member of the team
    Even some of these three basic attributes are lacking , it is only the trait of Attitude which covers the deficiencies in making a person acceptable at their work place . People with positive attitude are therefore the most sought persons for placement in an organization . Their attitude only helps them in their upliftment and the growth of their organization . They develop a wonderful ability to see what may not yet be visible to the naked eye but can be achieved . They work with the premise that anything and everything is possible. Those with inevitable success can see the unseen. They become successful in their minds before they take the first step of their long journey.

    Understanding self is very important to know weaknesses and strengths. It is something like discovery of self.
    From the moment we are born, we have been listening that what we can’t do, we can’t become like so and so we are useless for nothing and to no one can bring a change in you .These messages mostly negative in nature takes away our authentic, powerful, brilliant, gorgeously outrageous self ! So is it any wonder that we have struggled to know who and what we are and the purpose we were born for? And even when we have become aware of what might be possible, is it any wonder why we have had a hard time accepting our potential and really going for it?
    What has it done to our mental, emotional, and even physical health knowing that most stress is caused by the battle between our authentic self and our resistance to it ? How has this inner discontent impacted our happiness, our connection to others, and our opportunities in the world? It has been costing us heavily and will be doing lot of damage if things remain the same… a month from now… a year from now… five years from now? In nutshell this is a attitudinal problem which can be best solved by modification of our attitude towards positivity . There is every chance of getting re-connected to our selves in bringing back our life into proper alignment and to heal those lifelong traumas .
    Simply defined , Attitude of a person is a tendency to respond towards another person, an idea , an incident or a situation . It can be negative or positive and influences an individual’s choice of action and their responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards . Though attitude is the principle thing in life but in no way our happiness or unhappiness depends on its conditions . There is a very popular saying that our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us. Thus attitude works as the driving force in our lives—it can either push us to great heights or pull us down to our demise. While it is true that we are born with certain tendencies or orientations, our personalities and attitudes are developed through our relationships and experiences. Our attitudes begin to develop in childhood and constantly evolve and change over the years through day-to-day interactions and experiences. All the things which are having impact on us have been acquired through the people we have been meeting and interacting . If we think that all these factors have molded us into a person with a poor attitude towards life, there is no need to worry as there is always
    It has been a million dollar question as to what all can bring changes in ones attitude ? It can be through training, incident, accident, personal experience, influenced by some one , accepting a person as a role model and many others . Every person will experience uniqueness bringing changes in their attitude . Training in positive psychology can bring attitudinal change in persons to large extent making them to see positive in everything. They may start working for their success in life using the hidden talents. It is not a must that people highly educated and well placed in life will always have positive attitude toward every thing in their life . They may be having their own perceptions about certain things because of their background , up bringing and placement .

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