I have always wondered as to why people are forgetful. Some are forgetful from childhood and others like me have become forgetful as I grew older. Some creative people are considered forgetful. I am not sure as to what makes people forgetful.

My spouse has been forgetful for quite some years now. So, this defies the logic that forgetfulness is linked to one growing older. I have seen my college professor being very forgetful. He was a genius but not very creative. So the link between creativity and forgetfulness is also not always established.

My grandson who is ten years old is very creative but not at all forgetful. So all our theories on “forgetfulness” has to be forgotten. We need to believe that anyone and everyone can be forgetful and nothing wrong being so.

I wonder why we are forgetful. Some of us genuinely forget while some others fake forgetfulness. Either way forgetfulness embarrasses us more than anything else. We forget to brush our teeth before our morning coffee. We may forget our bath before going to work or forget our breakfast before leaving home.

We may forget to drop our kids to school and put our family in distress. We may forget to keep our timelines at work or commitments to other stakeholders. Every way we learn from these incidents every day. However, some of us learn and change while others continue to forget the same way.

Many of us may remember that we forgot to do our home work in school. Most of us would have faked this excuse to our teachers and would have gotten away a few times. But life does teach us that that the more we fake to others the more we betray ourselves.

We can expect from others what we deliver. If we forget on our commitments to family, friends, suppliers or customers, we may realise sooner than later that they may do the same to us in return. Every thing which goes around, comes around in life.

All of us may have used the “forgetfulness” card at home, school or the work place some time or the other. It is fine to try those pranks and learn from it. However, if we make this prank a habit, we tend to lose more than others in our lives.

I personally feel that there is nothing wrong in being forgetful as long as we don’t fake it. It is human to forget things and there are many ways to remind us as to why we forget things in life.

The earlier we realise this basic tenet of life, the easier life becomes for us. If we don’t we can continue to be knowingly forgetful and be ready for others in our lives to be as forgetful as us or even more.

Let us remember not to deliberately forget from today and if we do, we lose in life more than others. If we forget unknowingly, it is human and anyone will forgive us for that.

Let us forget to forget, knowingly from today.

S Ramesh Shankar

3 thoughts on “Forgetfulness…

  1. Ramesh, a very good piece.
    You have given the example of your 10 years old grandson, who is not at all forgetful. You will appreciate that a 10 years old boy is least, yes least, expected to be forgetful. This is the age when their brain is most agile and alert. So, in my view, in most of the cases, with age, comes the forgetfulness. But there are exceptions. My grandfather, who was a medical doctor, lived more than 88 years. Even at that age, he had perfectly normal eyesight, full set of teeth (I had never seen him complaining tooth ache or consulting a dentist), normal hearing abilities, and to top it all, no forgetfulness. He used to go to his Clinic quite early in the morning, around 7.30-8 am. He was physically fit. Amazing👍.

    Yet, another example is Dr. V. Krishnamurthy. Even at the age of late nineties, he had not shown any sign of forgetfulness. Even after a gap of 25-30 years, he remembered the names, not only your name but even your wife and children, if they had happened to meet him 2-3 times. He had perfectly agile mind. I remained in touch with him even during his last days. So, my dear friend, this defies the logic of old age too, to some extent.

    May be, genius like Sir Albert Einstein, etc were forgetful, as I have read about him. May be, it is difficult to come to any fixed conclusion! Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. We have to forget.
    Some bitter matters need to forget.
    Many senior persons remember very old good experience.
    But they forget what they had for breakfast.
    Forgetting is a part of healing process.

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