Power of Music

I have always wondered as to what is the power of music. I can share some of its healing properties through my personal experiences. I listen to ghazals whenever I am on a flight and can write blogs non stop listening to them. They relax my mind and thoughts flow through my fingers onto a iPad like water flowing down the river.

I always listen to music to relax my mind. Instrumental music from all parts of world fascinate me. They have the power to heal my mind and calm my soul. They can make me sleep or bring out the best of my writing skills too. Music can make me creative and enable me to give my best too.

Many of us enjoy music while driving. It not only makes us enjoy the journey but keeps us relaxed and enables us to drive for long hours without getting bored. Of course the choice of music could differ from one individual to the other but almost everyone enjoys some form of music.

I know people travelling hundreds of miles just to listen to their favourite music. The good thing today is that youngster who are passionate about music are willing to take it up as their life long vocation and passion.

The good thing in the world today is that everyone is open to live their passion. Music can change the world for people and humanity. It can heal the world and cure a person of a dreadful disease. Music can be used as therapy to cure the incurable. It can cast its magic on everyone who needs it.

Music can relax our mind, body and soul. In these days of hectic everyday life, music can help us calm down. It can help us to relax and enjoy every moment of life. It can enable us to think differently. It may help us to resolve conflicts within us or with others.

Music an be life for many. The power of music is not yet fully harnessed. It’s potential is unlimited and it is upto us to realise it. I have seen the impact of music even on animals. An angry dog can cool down if she listens to a music of her choice.

Let us learn to enjoy the music of life.

S Ramesh Shankar

16th July 2020

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