Trophies & Medals

We all love to be recognised at every stage of our lives. As a kid, our mothers more than anyone else take care of this need. They pat our back on every possible occasion and give us enough chocolates and other incentives to keep us fully charged. As we grow up this need possibly increases but may not get fulfilled.

At educational institutions, many teachers do not realise the value of recognition. They may assume that too much of recognition may go into our heads and make us too top heavy. This may be true and we need to be grounded at all times. But, in my view, recognition is never enough.

Some people think that recognition has to be in material form or financial terms. While financial incentives do play a pivotal role especially in early stages of a person’s career, it is the non financial recognition which really makes the positive and lasting impact on people.

I remember my wife losing her gold medal of college in a burglary at home. The value of the gold medal she got more than four decades back was not much in financial terms but the intrinsic value of the recognition she received was invaluable. I went to her college principal and requested them to give it to her again. They organised a special function and she could relive that glory. It was one of the best surprises for her in her life time.

Recognition and rewards are beyond trophies and medals we may receive in school, college, Universities or even in organisations. The value of the recognition is more valued than the material or financial value of the same.

I am sure most of us would not remember the cheques we may have received in our career. But the hand written certificate from your college principal or even from your lovable boss is a treasure forever. Many of us would like to frame such letters and preserve it for posterity.

I have to confess that I realised the true value of such non financial recognition quite late in my career. I used to be generous in recognising my team members both through rewards and verbal accolades quite regularly. However, one day I wrote a hand written ( my hand writing is not something I can ever be proud of) appreciation letter to my colleague and she literally framed it and told me when I was leaving the organisation that it was the best reward of her life.

We as parents, teachers, managers and leaders have to realise that human being need constant recognition. Recognition is not necessarily in monetary terms. On the contrary, true recognition is non monetary and valued more. The earlier we realise this in our life, the better it is for all of us.

I am not in any way negating the value of financial rewards or incentives. However, what I am trying to emphasise is that non monetary awards touch your heart. Like a hand written note is valued more than a letter even if printed in golden letters. We need to realise this and not miss a single occasion when we get an opportunity to appreciate anyone around us for the smallest good deeds we see.

Let us start by appreciating everyone around us from today.

S Ramesh Shankar

16th Nov 2020

8 thoughts on “Trophies & Medals

  1. They truly are the uplifting and invaluable treasures. Specially the well earned ones of yester times for with the change in era we are seeing more of the ones that can be bought😷


  2. Very nicely penned.My mother collected all the trophies of me and my brothers and still remembers the events and the efforts she put in with all of us.
    I too have decorated the trophies medals and certificates earned by my kids but over the years their upkeep is becoming difficult , They get tarnished and do not look attractive.
    However their value never decreases as they have a story of hard work and sweet memories associated with them.


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