Living for others is a rule of “Nature”

I am a great admirer of nature. I believe we have so much to learn from nature. A friend sent me a small video on nature with a lot of life lessons and that video inspired this blog.

We can look all around us in nature and learn life lessons every day. Everything in nature is in a way living for others. The rivers run from the hills to the ocean providing water to everyone who needs it without asking anything in return for itself.

The trees provide shade for others while bearing the brunt of the heat of the sun themselves. We cannot imagine the trees asking for anything in return. Even in the monsoon, the trees are like nature’s umbrellas for us when it pours. The trees do not eat their own fruits nor do they consume their leaves. They share their fruits and leaves with humans and animals without any bias .

The flowers bloom in colourful ways to brighten the lives of all living beings around them. They spread their fragrance and allow bees to carry their pollen from one flower to the other without asking for any compensation.

The sun shines all days of the year for everyone. The moon is also around to help us wade through the night. Neither the sun nor the moon send us any monthly bills for their generously spreading light in our lives.

On the other hand, we as humans are living life selfishly day in and night out. We consume nature in all its forms and give trash and junk in return. We not only destroy nature in all its forms but regrettably are not concerned about our own future generations.

We may think we are happy if we live life full of material comforts. We may be happy temporarily. But true happiness is only when we make others happy. We realise that money cannot buy everything in life. It can definitely not buy health or happiness. Thus one of the best ways to lead a happier life is by making others happy.

Nature gives us opportunities to learn every single day in every possible way to make others happy. But we are so much engrossed in our own happiness that we are oblivious of making others happy. The day we wake up from this slumber, we may kindle our own conscience.

The most important lesson nature teaches us is that “change begins with me”. If we need to change the world, we need to first learn to change ourselves. Last month I learnt thirty one different ways of making life more sustainable every day.

It is like our gardener who designed this colourful art piece did not put her name on the photo nor wanted publicity for herself. Serving others is her nature too.

If each of us are willing to learn from nature, we possibly will give back to nature much more than what we take from nature. We will not only make ourselves happy but possibly make others happy too. Nature teaches us that making others happy because of us is the true meaning of happiness.

Let us learn from nature every day and in every possible way.

S Ramesh Shankar

5th August 2022


10 thoughts on “Living for others is a rule of “Nature”

  1. So true. The Biggest Example for someone who can be put in this category is Mother.

    From the time she becomes a Mother, the focus shifts completely from self to others…..

    No wonder why it’s called Mother Nature….


  2. Lovely post, insightful and inspiring. As you rightly observed that the nature creates several examples for us to take note of such and emulate the same in our lives. Probably we need to develop such mental framework devoid of ego and other overloads to take note of such examples from nature. As you mentioned about the gardener’s example it helps me recall about my driver of more than 20 years who was an epitome of integrity and honesty and whose example I used to quote in several forums during those tough days of compliance and governance at the workplace. I will still be interested to look into the video which you may please share at your convenience. 🙏


  3. Sometime i wonder Ramesh what precious – unlearn or learn or both because to grow it’s essential.

    It’s true one has to learn a lot from nature – this idea is really fascinating to me . Learn from nature – out side . Nature in side – knowing self to be in harmony and giving with grace & ease .

    Intresting trigger to reflect and ponder nature in entirety. Much gratitude 🙏


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