Saluting women in my life

“Woman = Man”, Woman > Man or Man > Woman”. This is a debate, which may be on for centuries. In my view, this may not be the best way to celebrate “International Women’s day”.  

Organisations celebrate this day by organising functions or special events for women to salute them and recognize their contributions to everyone. This is more of a ritual and quickly forgotten as the calendar turns to March 9th every year. 

I have been asked many a time as to what could be some innovative ways of celebrating this day. I would prefer to spend the day educating the men amongst us as to how we could recognize the women in our life and be grateful to them for our successes in life.

Most men including me possibly do not realise the invaluable contributions of women in our life. It starts the day we are born, when they go through all the pain to deliver us as a normal child on earth. From then on, as a mother, sister, spouse or friend they nurture and care for us to make us successful in every step of our life.

It is today for us to realise the value of their contributions, introspect and commit to support them every day to their success in life. It could be small things in life but will go a long way in respecting and rewarding them every day of our lives. The small steps could be like dropping a kid to school, helping in the kitchen, getting groceries for home or consulting your spouse in every key decision of your life.

At work, it could be supporting your colleagues to succeed, projecting the successes of women colleagues, when they deserve it and treating them with dignity and respect.

As in the photo above, my spouse has contributed immensely to all my successes in life.  I am ever grateful to her and commit to support her in every possible way I can to make her successful in her life.

I salute the women in my life by rededicating my commitment to support, respect and recognize the women in my life, who have tirelessly contributed to what I am today.

One sure shot way of living your commitment today could be to express your gratitude to the women in your life, who have made you what you are today.

What is your innovation for today ?

S Ramesh Shankar 

#women, #respect, #gratitude

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