The Invisible Power

    I am not sure if I believe in God or not. But, I do believe there is an invisible power, whatever you may call it. I have experienced many a time that something happens in life, where you do not have a logic for it.  

     I had planned to visit a temple near Jammu many times,when I lived in Delhi but it never materialised. However after I moved to Bangalore and tried again it worked. So, although I lived in Delhi for 5 years, every time I planned for it, it misfired.

    Similarly, I planned a holiday to a resort near Lonavala. This plan got cancelled thrice for some reason or the other.  It  is just 100 kilometres away from Mumbai, where I stay but this also did not click.

    On the other end, we sometimes do not plan for something and it happens. I always enjoyed listening to music in my life although I have no knowledge of it.  I always dreamt of buying a good music system. I used to visit a showroom and look at the system and return home since I could not afford it. I did this for many years but somehow felt one day I will have that at my home. It took many years to realize that dream. But, it did happen. What I believed was a utopian dream but did become a reality in my life.

    Sometimes, you think of someone and that person calls you. Is this a miracle ? I do not know. Some may call it telepathy or intuition.  I think it is that Invisible power. 

    I always had a dream of living in a house facing the sea.  For most of my work life, I did not stay near the sea.  Then when I did work in a city near the ocean,  I could not find a house nearby.  I had almost felt that I will never get a chance to live this dream.  But, after 30 years into my career, I got a chance to move to Mumbai.  This time I was lucky to get a company flat, where I get to admire the sea almost on three sides of my flat.  Now, I have been privileged to live in this flat for the last five years.  I get to admire nature every day in my life. As in the photo above, this is the beautiful view of the sea I admire every day today. 

     I always had a dream of buying a house and settling down in Bangalore.  I first tried in 1992 but it did not work.  But life did take me to Bangalore to work in 2005 and this invisible spirit made my dream a reality in 2007.

     Every time an incident like this happens in your life, you wonder why it happens ? Some may call this divine. Others may call it luck or chance or even destiny. I would call it the “Invisible spirit” in your life.  You may refer to this spirit as God. It does not matter which religion you follow, the feeling is the same.

     Many a time in life we find it difficult to believe what we see around us.  Hence, it is much more  difficult to believe  what is invisible. The visible things around us stare at us and make a physical impact whereas the things we cannot see make a spiritual impact and hence may be difficult to experience and believe.

    It may be this reason that all faiths lead us to the same destination. 

 S Ramesh Shankar

4 thoughts on “The Invisible Power

  1. Dear Sir
    This is the power of Universe and law of abundance!!! One should be pure, genuine and positive in thinking and power of Universe will do the rest for you!!!

    I really enjoy reading your articles!!! Keep on writing…

    Rajesh Rao

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  2. It seems to be the law of Nature, the Creator or the Divine or whatever it is that certain things are kept in mystery and kept beyond our cognitive sense .May be there is some purpose. May be for us to explore and enjoy. Think of a situation where we will see all the dirt, bacteria,microbes etc surrounding us.We will faint in fear. See what will happen if we can run through the minds of other persons. We will be perhaps be uncomfortable and react differently.The same is the situation if we can know our life span and our end. But for Mystery , Lives may become topsy turvy. Mysterious thing seemlessly connect all things in this universe and our thought process too and it is difficult to understand why all our efforts do not always yield the end results we wish.

    So let us implore and explore to seek the eternal Truth. Enjoy mystery and enjoy life.

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