New year reflections

A year passes by and we look back to reflect on what happened.  You are happy with some events and sad with others.  You look at the new year with hope. A new year is like the morning sun, which brings hope and light to life every day.  The old year is like the sun set, which fades into the past but still gives you the hope that the sun rise the next day will dawn new aspirations in your life.

While many of us pass new resolutions to exercise regularly, go to the gym or lose weight or visit parents, we tend to break them even before the dust settles on them.  Is it a weakness or the lack of will ?  I do not know but neither I want to. It is better to keep resolving till the day one is able to keep up to them rather than no resolutions at all.

I am a born optimist and hence never give up.  I may have made hundreds of resolutions in my life and may be fulfilled half of them.  It is a joy to make promises to yourselves and try to keep them up.  So what if we fail in some.  It is always better to try then to give up even before you make them.  A simple example could be that I tried to do yoga every day for many years and failed every single time.  But two years back I went to learn yoga in a authentic school in Lonavala and the teacher was so good that she inspired me to do it every day.  Today my wife and me practise it almost daily and voluntarily.

While every day can be a new year, why do we wait for the new year to resolve ?  It may be like having food every day, which we do religiously.  But, we have special food only on festive days.  A new year is a symbol of something new.  It helps us to pause and reflect.  It helps us to forget and forgive.  It helps us to commit more than we can deliver.

I love the new year.  It helps us to forget the miseries of the past.  It infuses hope and optimism in us.  It gives us reasons to believe that tomorrow may be better than yesterday and today.  It re kindles our wishes.  It gives us renewed energy to resolve.  It compels us to move on in life.  It is like the clock, which never stops until we forget to rewind or change the batteries.

It is up to us to rewind and recharge ourselves.  Nothing is permanent in life.  Neither joy nor sorrow will sustain forever.  Our ability to forget and forgive the past and hope for a better future will help us maintain balance in life. The dawn of the new year gives us an opportunity to do so.  It is an occasion to look back and move forward. 

The new year is like the morning dew in a forest.  It is ephemeral.  It is fresh.  It refreshes you and give you a chance to renew yourselves.  It is up to us to take charge and do it.  As the sun opens up in the sky, the morning dew is gone.  The same is with the new year.  As the days pass, the year is gone and we have to wait for yet another new year.

Let us wake up and resolve today

S Ramesh Shankar

20 thoughts on “New year reflections

  1. Well said Ramesh….a birthday…an anniversary…a new year…all opportunities for a fresh resolve …for adopting a new direction …..for renewed vigour and determination in sustaining whatever is THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!! May the new year bring this to every human on the planet !!!!

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  2. Thanks for nice Message which is fact. Many people set many resolutions for new year and fail to follow. As you mentioned, it helps everyone to pass resolutions day by day based on previous day experience to correct or improve previous day gaps. Thanks once again for your wishes and valuable advise and wishing you and your family a very happy new year.

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  3. Excellent article. I fully agree ” ….It is up to us to rewind and recharge ourselves. Nothing is permanent in life. Neither joy nor sorrow will sustain forever. Our ability to forget and forgive the past and hope for a better future will help us maintain balance in life…”. In deed, this shall be the inspiration for 2017

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  4. Extremely nice message Mr Shankar. Quite motivating and inspiring message for 2017.
    Thanks for your wishes and wishing you and your family a great 2017.
    Best regards

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  5. Good morning. Sir,

    Thank you for your valid message ….Wish you and your family a Wonderful and Prosperous new year ahead.

    P N Prakasan.

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  6. Very refreshing to read on the first day of the new year!
    I personally do not set any new year resolutions, I make a resolution the moment I feel the need to 🙂

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  7. That was a good message Mr. Ramesh Shankar. Thankyou and here’s wishing you & your dear ones a year with abundance of, health happiness, peace prosperity, brightness bliss and the almighty’s blessings.

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  8. Very nice article. Reflecting oneself & moving on to look for new opportunities to excel….. Change is the only constant & resolutions at the start would surely help us to deliver more.
    Wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

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  9. You are absolutely right Mr. Ramesh Shankar. Your message reminds me what we keep on thinking but failed to implement all. I am little happy that I could implement few of what I thought I could do. I have made a practice of enquiring of my near and dear ones at least once in every week end. You are right that we do not need to wait for the new year take on new resolution but to think each day a time to go for it.

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  10. It’s real & experience massage, we can start new resolution by thinking, tomorrow we will not get chance for doing it again!
    Dear Sir, your massages motivates me for doing more & more, Please keep writing!

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  11. Very Nice article Mr.Shankar.

    People maintain ToDo lists to organize their activities & there are many items which keep getting added daily to the list, While it is important to keep track of the things which are pending, it is also required to acknowledge the items getting accomplished. Else there would be a constant feeling of lack,
    Wish you & your family a very Happy New Year 2017.

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  12. Dear Mr.Shankar, really it is a very true and practical message. Even today one of my colleague said when I wished him on new year. He said it is just a date change. I said but with this we get an opportunity to reset all our bad memories , failures etc and charge and commit once again ourselves for better future ahead. Thanks once again for your inspiring words.

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  13. Thank you for such a realistic message applies to all of us.
    Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year filled with love, peace and joy throughout………..

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  14. What a wonderful message for this new year. I agree with the statement “Nothing is permanent in life. Neither joy nor sorrow will sustain forever.” That is why we must be at the present and cherish every joyous moment that we should be grateful for and endure challenges for these will allow us to grow.

    I just recently practiced Yoga as well and it has brought tremendous joy and peace to my life. There are poses that are challenging and difficult but our teacher always tells us to try it. Sometimes, I succeed in maintaining the poses but there are times that I’m only half-way or even fail to do the poses. Even though I failed at times, the practice made me stronger and eventually there is progress in my flow which I never imagined I could do when I first set my foot on the mat.

    Thank you once again for sharing your reflections. Looking forward to more of your articles this 2017!

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