“We may not get what we want in life always…”

   One of the things which troubles a lot of people in life is when they don’t get what they want. This may be true in work and personal life. Let us start with our work life. We may have a great idea and we may be jumping in joy as if we have invented a new theory on gravitation – to be the Newton of this century. When we present this idea to our boss or to the leadership team of the organisation, they are not very enthused. So, from a high, we end up in a low. It naturally disappoints us. Why does this happen to us ? If I look back, this happens because we tend to get emotionally attached to the idea. Then we think, there can be no better idea or no other perspective to our idea. When someone looks at our idea and either picks holes in them or throws water on our head we feel disappointed. This is point to reflect upon. Our idea may be genuinely a good one. But we look at the idea through our own lenses. When the same idea is looked through different lenses of multiple people, they see something, which either we don’t see or miss to observe. So, this may be a new perspective, which we may have missed, while thinking of the idea in the first place.

   What do we do when something like this happens to us ? Most of us sulk. We go into a depression and feel that the world is not understanding us. We sometimes may think that the world is not able to catch up at my speed. This may be true sometimes. But, it may also be true that we are missing something, which we do not realise. It may be a good idea to accept things as they are rather as we want them to be. This requires a lot of courage. How can I give up on something, which I think is the best thing to happen in my work life as an idea ? We need not give up. But, we need to realise that no idea is good enough unless we are able to sell it. Selling an idea is our responsibility and not that of the receiver or that of my manager or anyone else in my life. If we are willing to be open to suggestions to our idea, we may be able to build up on the basic idea and then make it more powerful than the original.

   A similar thing happens in our personal lives. A common example is when you want make a life decision. Let us take for example you do not want to marry at a particular age to a particular person. Your parents have the opposite view. When a discussion happens within the family circle, it generally ends up in disagreements and unpleasantness to the say the least. While you present your view, your parents are all out to convince you how the opposite is good for you. The only alternatives in such a situation is that either of you is right or both of you are wrong. But, we tend take a stance and refuse to listen to any alternate view. This leads to a deadlock and many a time in strained relationship between you and your parents. It may be worthwhile to consider the alternate view points before you make a final decision. Let us assume that you are right in deciding not to marry at a particular age to a particular person. It is not good enough for you to say no to your parents but it is worthwhile to listen to their perspective and then convince them through conversations as to why you want to decide what u want to. This means more time, more efforts and and more conversations. But the reality is that the winner in life is always the one, who is able to sell her or his idea and the loser is one who’s sulks to do so.

    So, the choice is with us. We have to decide whether we want to be winner or a loser in life ? And the responsibility to sell my idea is mine and not that of the receiver or any other person in my life.

    Let us try to be a winner from today.

 S Ramesh Shankar

4 thoughts on ““We may not get what we want in life always…”

  1. Agreed Sir. You are right in saying that we need to sell our own ideas. But what if at work place, we were able to sell the ideas and the organization gets benefit out of it but the management doesn’t recognize the person in the right way saying the bell curve theory that the companies follow!
    Truly I feel the bell curve theory is very sad in some cases. It really made the employees highly demotivated and shattered most of the times.

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  2. Agree! It will be the conviction in the idea itself to sell it, the choice will always be of the individual, no rights or wrongs there, it’s the approach and conviction in the idea which will lead to its final execution

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