“Emotional Infrastructure”


What is India’s “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) ? I have pondered over this question for years and have at last found my answer ? I was born in Trichy in Tamil Nadu and brought up in different parts of India. I started my schooling in Kolkota in East India, then further education in Jabalpur – Central India and finally collegiate education in Chennai – South India. I started my career in Bhilai – central India, then moved to Indore, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and now in Mumbai – Western India.

Having grown up all around India with each state speaking its own language and having its own tradition and culture – I have wondered what is that unique thing which binds us as a country. I think each state of India is more diverse in language, culture and living than many of the countries around the world. But there is something unique which is like a glue binding us together as a nation.

In my understanding, this binding glue is our emotional connect. We care for each other and are always there to support each other in a crisis. We live in families and communities and share festivals and festivities amongst us.

I always tell my foreign colleagues, when they come to India the first time that they may take at least a year to adapt to the Indian conditions. Our physical infrastructure is not the best in the world although we are improving every day. But after spending a year or two here, you will find it difficult to leave India because of the emotional infrastructure. Here , people care for you and connect with you. Whether it is your neighbour or a person on the road, one always feels cared for. You are never worried when in a crisis. It may not always be your relatives by your side but your friends and neighbours will always be there for you and support you in every possible way.

The warmth and hospitality of people in India has to be experienced to be believed. You always feels welcome and even strangers would be hosted, fed and taken care of if a need arises. This value of caring for others and living for each other rather than with each other is unique in our social system.

In my view, it is this “Emotional Infrastructure”, which is our USP. We not only should be proud of it but we need to preserve it. I am not sure there are not many countries in the world, which can match us in this emotional connect. One should also remember that money cannot buy emotional connect for you. Money can buy physical wealth and infrastructure only.

Sol, let us be proud of our “Emotional infrastructure”. Let’s us preserve it. Let us nurture it so that it grows and spreads all around the world. As an old Indian adage says – ” Vasudeva Kutambakam” ( Whole world is one family) should be our message to the world for peace and prosperity of all human beings.

S Ramesh Shankar

4 thoughts on ““Emotional Infrastructure”

  1. Well said !! India is culturally diverse rich n secular and I’m so proud to be an Indian !! Family n friends count a lot in good n bad times as sharing is caring…

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