Words have life infused in them. If used appropriately in the right context, words can add meaning to life. Words could be verbal or written. It could be prose or poetry. It does not matter. What matters is the choice of words and the occasion to use them.

Do we realise that every word we speak impacts others ? We sometimes are reckless in our choice of words. We do not realise that our children at home or our team members at work could be impacted by the words we use. If we are generous and kind, the future generations will value kindness and generosity. On the contrary, if we are rude and arrogant, the younger generation will consider that to be the best use of words.

It is equally true in written text. Today, we use emails as a norm in our personal and professional life. It is efficient and cost effective. It reaches in seconds and is transmitted seamlessly across the world. What we may not realise is that choice of words reflect our personality. Most of us are in a hurry and we do not spend enough time to choose our words. We are not bothered about the content or the target reader as long as we think we have conveyed our message.

In communication, there is a beautiful quote, which says ” I know, you believe, you understand what you think I said. But, I don’t know whether you realise that what you heard is not what I meant. ” There can always be a slip between the cup and the lip. Hence, it is important to choose every word we use – irrespective of whether we are speaking or writing.

No wonder the great statesmen in the world chose their words in speeches and in their essays. Every word was always loaded with meaning and had a context. Every word pierced your heart and you could never forget what they meant. I assume they spent a lot of time in their choice of words. They were clear of their target group and reflected on it.

I have been frivolous in my choice of words. It has made me learn a lot of lessons in life. Now, after committing many mistakes in my life, I do realise the value of words I use in life. I am cautious now both in verbal and written communication. I take my time to prepare a speech or write an article. I realise it is useful not only for me to convey my message but also helpful for the audience to get it almost as I want it to be conveyed.

Words are like an arrow. Once released from your mouth or your pen, they cannot be retracted. Hence, it is all the more reason for us to be careful. We need to choose our words and the context in which we are using them. Every word is valuable and you realise it when you are asked to convey your message in a specified number of words.

“Not the last station from the south but the first station towards the north” signifies in words the emotions of the people of north and south Korea to unite some day.  This was picturized in the photo above at the border station Dorasan of South Korea.

All of us will remember that it is tougher to write a precise than an essay on any subject.  

Do you agree ?

S Ramesh Shankar