“Who am I and why am I here ?


The simpler the question is the tougher it is to answer.  Honestly, I have never questioned myself on “Who am I ? so far.  But, it may be worth a try to answer. If I can answer “Who am I satisfactorily, it may be easier to answer – “Why am i here ?

Who am I ?

A human being who wants to be a ” A better human being, everyday I live, enjoying myself and making life enjoyable for all the people around me in whatever way I can “.  This journey started about 20 years back when I set this as my mission in life.  I have been exploring, experimenting and learning by mistakes and successes in life so far.  It is a journey and my quest to improve is endless.  I would say while starting this journey, I realised that my basics have been good.  A self made man I have earned my way in life through hard work and commitment and with the encouraging support of family and friends.  I have always strived to enjoy life within my means and share my joy with my dear and near.

I should acknowledge that God has been kind to me.  I have struggled in the early part of my career losing my parents at an early age and still trying to stand independently on my feet.  But then the learning journey has been exciting.  My work life and personal life has been well balanced.  I have an enviable family and my spouse and kids have ably supported me in this journey.  I have moved across India and they have adapted well to all the adventures of these career movements.  They have never complained on the consequences of these movements on their lives in terms of education, friends and comforts.

So, life has been great and God has also given me all the material comforts in life.  I have a green home of my dreams, where I intend to settle down and almost all of my material needs fulfilled.  I could confidently say that my needs are fulfilled and if I aspire for more than it would be greed only and may not be contributing to my joy in life.

Now, if I move to answering “Why am I here ? “.  I would say, it is to share my learnings, my experiences, my failures and successes in life.  It has been a exciting journey and I consider it my duty to share with the next generations.  When you go through a crisis or a challenge, you feel as if nobody else has ever gone through it and God is unkind to you.  It is at these moments when you need someone to remind you that there are millions of others on earth, who may have faced tougher challenges than you.

It is this quest to share as “Why am I here ? ”  .  I may not have succeeded all the time but my failures too are good lessons to learn.  This may also help people not to make the same mistakes I did.  I would also say expressing my journey in words is a passion, which I enjoy and sharing will ignite that passion in me more. Lastly, I am a born optimist and I believe that more excitement is ahead of me and hence to share and learn more will keep me going ahead to accomplish my mission in life.

S Ramesh Shankar