Women Leadership : New age imperatives

The International Women’s day celebrated on 8th March every year gives us an opportunity to appreciate and salute the role of women in society. It is true that around the world, women have played a stellar role in leadership in all walks of life. History teaches us of brave women, who have transformed societies with their selfless leadership. We in India have seen women as freedom fighters, politicians, a noble laureate, historians, academicians and very recently as space scientists, who have made our country proud by their outstanding accomplishments.

What are the new age imperatives, which the women leaders of today are challenged with ? 

 The first and the foremost challenge for women leaders would be the unconscious bias of others. Although, I strongly believe that women are equal to men as leaders, there is an unconscious bias especially in the Indian society that women cannot lead in particular circumstances like a battlefield, flying fighter planes or even working in the shop floor of a manufacturing unit. In my view, the bias is more in our mind than in reality.

The second challenge which women leaders may face in the new age would be the willingness of men and women under them to accept them as leaders. As I said earlier that having worked under women leaders, I do not find any difference between men and women as leaders. But the feudal mindset of men and women may make them uncomfortable to accept a woman as a leader. This may be experienced by many women leaders and they get over it by their sheer performance and effectiveness.

The third imperative could be the balance of work and life. It is very difficult for women leaders to balance family needs and work needs unless they have an excellent family support. In the absense of this support mechanism, it could result in strained family relationship or sometimes giving up a challenging career at their peak. Most women leaders work double of their male counterparts since they have to balance home and work and this is a big ask of them.

Having said that, I would like to restate that in my books, women leaders are as smart as male leaders if not smarter.

It is time to reflect and support them to succeed.

S Ramesh Shankar

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