“Magnetic People”

img_3857-1 I always admire people around me, who wear a positive attitude to work and life. You can meet them on the street, in the park, at your work place or even at home amongst your siblings and relatives.

It is easy to spot them as they attract you towards them like the bumble bee. They may not be the wealthiest or occupying the highest position in the organisation but they are the people to be around with. You can spot them by their smile, their unconditional giving or even their helpful attitude. They enjoy whatever they do and they never complain about anything in life. I have met quite a few of them in my life. Today I met one of them and hence this article. Let me share the experiences of meeting a few of them so that you can spot them easily and then try to imbibe their values in your own lives.

The first person I have met is the principal of a school in Delhi. I met her first as the parent of my child studying in her school. She had summoned me to inform me about some misdemeanours of my child. I told her to take the strictest possible action. She retorted that she does not need my permission to take action against her student. However, she had called me in to partner with the school to help the child to develop. Every time I met her there after I found she was amenable, approachable and smiling always. She treated every child and every parent alike irrespective of the background of the child or the parent. I saw kids adore her and almost treated her like a friend.

The second person I have met is in Priyadarshini park Mumbai, where I go for my walk every day. She is a lady, apparently from the economically weaker strata of society by her looks. But she is rich in her character and deeds. She walks into the park every day with bags full of food and feeds all the stray dogs in the park. As soon as she enters, you can see all the dogs follow her like the pied piper of Hamelin. Once we met her and asked her and she was unassuming and said she was just doing a small service. She gives unconditionally without expecting anything in return. All the dogs in the park follow her and love her.

The third person I met is a yoga teacher. I had been to Lonavala to attend a one week yoga camp last year. This teacher was not only conscientious in her duties but caring for each and every student in the class. She did not do her job as a vocation I but as a duty to help a student to transform. Her attitude was positive and her caring nature infectious.

The fourth person I met is an ex colleague who worked with me in a steel plant. He is a living example of unconditional giving. I have always seen him around when anyone faces a crisis. He is there with families in a hospital. He will volunteer to do anything without expecting anything in return. He will travel to be accompany old parents for a friend. He will be the chief organiser in the marriage of a colleague’s daughter. I have often wondered why he does it and have no answer. It is his definition of “Joy” in life. Unconditional giving without expecting anything in return.

The fifth person I met is a nurse in a Ayurvedic hospital in Coimbatore. She endears you with her smile. In spite of nursing being a demanding profession, she treats you with a positive smile and is always willing to adapt and adjust to keep you happy and healthy.

I am sure each one of you would have met many such people in your lives. They attract you like a magnet with their positive behaviour. Their smile is contagious. Their giving attitude is unconditional. They enjoy what they do in life and are content and happy with what they have. So, the learning here, it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, it does not matter if you young or old, it does not matter whether you are senior or junior or female or male. What really matters is your positive attitude to life and living and how you impact others everyday in your life.

May be it is time to reflect and learn one positive quality from these magnetic people.

Let us try from now on…

S Ramesh Shankar

One thought on “ “Magnetic People”

  1. This is an amazing article…. I totally agree that positive people are like a ‘magnets’ …
    they are energy sources who radiate what good this world has to offer

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